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    Who’s Ready to Get Cray?

    Down south, we love our crawfish. Crawfish, or crayfish, as it’s also affectionately known, is a tasty beloved fresh water crustacean that has been taking over southern meals for years. Any seafood lover knows a good meal just isn’t complete without it. That’s why we’re excited to announce we’ll be doing a backyard crawfish boil of our own. Get ready to get cray! But first, read on to learn some interesting facts about the crawfish.

    10 Fun Facts About Crawfish

    1. The Name: The terms “crawdad” and “crawfish” come from the French word, escrevisse, which relates to the verb “to crawl.” Other theories point to the Anglo Saxon word crevik, which means the same.

    2. It’s Worldly: Crawfish live on every continent except for Africa and Antarctica, with a whopping 200 specifies of crawfish in North America.

    3. Order Like a Pro: When ordering crawfish, you always order by the pound. It’s recommended that there be three pounds per person. Never ever refer to them as “mudbugs” or “crawdads” unless you want to be seen as a tourist.

    4. Watch How You Eat: These bad boys are spicy! They’re always eaten with your hands, so make sure you avoid rubbing your eyes while you’re eating. Or else, it could hurt!

    5. A Fashion Tip: Because eating them can get a little messy, we highly recommend you avoid wearing white. Better safe than sorry.

    6. Peel with Perfection: Before eating, you must separate the tail from the head. Gently twist and squeeze the crawfish in half, and suck out the meat.

    7. Crawfish Season: Live crayfish are available from December through July, give or take a few weeks. So get them while they’re available, otherwise you’ll miss them.

    8. Good For You: Crawfish are an excellent source of protein, and are packed with vitamins. They’re also low on calories and fat, making it the perfect healthy go to meal choice.

    9. Versatile Habitats: Crayfish can survive in a variety of habitats, including lakes, streams, springs, rivers and seasonally wet habitats like roadside ditches, savannahs and lawns.

    10. Ours Are Best: Mississippi has one of the most diverse crawfish faunas in the world! In fact, it’s amongst the top three states, in terms of the number of crawfish it contains. We’re dedicating a backyard boil just for them. See below!

    Backyard Crawfish Boil

    Sundays are about to get a whole lot steamier. At Lady Luck Vicksburg, we’ll be doing our very own crawfish boil. So get your wet wipes ready. Every Sunday, you can enjoy an all-you-can-eat-Crawfish fest for just $16.99. This special will only be taking place during crawfish season, so definitely take advantage of the special while it’s here. Location: Farmer’s Pick Buffet. Hours: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

    Crawfish season will be here and gone before you know it. So don’t let this delicious deal pass you by. Let’s get cray!

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