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    What Your Favorite Table Game Says About You

    At Lady Luck® Casino Vicksburg, we know firsthand how much people love table games. They’re all fun, but most people have one particular game they like best. Whether the strategy of poker excites you most or you can’t get enough of trying your luck at roulette, your favorite table game can actually reveal some interesting things about your personality. Keep reading to see what your game of choice says about you.

    Electronic Roulette
    If you find yourself gravitating toward the electronic roulette table, you’re likely the lone wolf type. People who favor electronic roulette tend to be more introverted, and are content with their own company. You’re not really into high-pressure situations and do better when allowed to work at your own pace. You probably don’t need a detailed plan for everything, either, and are totally comfortable just going with the flow. On the flip side of this up-for-anything demeanor, you can be a bit compulsive at times. You may even be prone to picking up habits (good and bad) rather easily.

    Electronic Poker
    If electronic poker’s your game of choice, you’re probably confident, outgoing, and ambitious. You’re not the type to hang back or keep quiet in most situations. You have a natural charisma and are fun to be around. Underneath that life-of-the-party persona, there’s a very analytical side. Your love of logic and strategy lend themselves well to the game of electronic poker. Your competitive nature and keen ability to find the advantage in any situation make you a formidable player.

    If you love craps, you’re most likely an extrovert who is comfortable mingling with lots of different types of people. People who list craps as their favorite usually have lots of friends, and love to be the center of attention. You love to entertain, and to be entertained. There’s never a dull moment when you’re around. As fun-loving as you are, you’re also very traditional when it comes to certain things and often expect a certain level of decorum from yourself and others.

    If you picked blackjack, you’re probably one of those people who seems to have all the luck. Maybe that’s why you’re more comfortable taking risks than most people. You also thrive on activities that others might consider a bit extreme. When you do something, you tend to go all-in. If that’s you, don’t miss out on the excitement of Free Bet ℠ Blackjack here at the Isle®. You get to double down and split your bet, without putting up any additional money. Place your wager on the table like you normally would, then opt for the free bet and the dealer will place a special lammer next to your original bet. If you win the hand, you’ll get paid just the same as if you had made a traditional split or double. No risk, all reward.

    So pick a spot at one of our eight lucky tables located under our brand new canopy. Use your Fan Club® card at any of your favorite table games to earn comps and entries to our drawing. Whether you like the spin of the wheel, roll of the dice, or the feel of the cards, we've got the game for you here at the Isle!


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