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    What to do with all those St. Patty’s Day Beads

    Lady Luck Casino® Vicksburg gave out St. Patty's Day beads as part of their March 17th celebration! You likely collected as many strings of beads as you could, traded them with your friends and judged who came out with the most. Now that St. Patrick’s Day is over, What to do with all those awesome FREE beads?

    1. Classic Coasters
    Transform your old St. Patrick’s Day beads into a classy accessory for your home. Beaded coasters are extremely easy to make, they keep your tabletops free of water rings and they add a pop of color to your home or apartment. To make, simply cut your old St. Patrick’s Day beads from their strings and arrange by color. You can mix and match colors or simply make one monochromatic coaster. Trace the top of a glass on a piece of thick cardboard with a pencil. Cut out the circle. Using a hot glue gun, glue your beads to the cardboard. You can make your coasters more intricate with funky patterns or alternating colors, or you can keep them simple and classic by using only one color.

    2. Cocktail Rings
    Reuse not only your old St. Patrick’s Day beads, but restyle an old ring that you haven’t worn in a while. Cut your beads from their string, and pull out the colors you want to use on your ring. Buy an old ring at a flea market or use one of your own rings. Your ring shouldn’t have any decoration on it already. Using a hot glue gun, glue a quarter to your ring, tails-side down. Glue a layer of beads over the quarter. Add a second layer of beads on the first by staggering the beads so they make a circular pyramid shape. Keep adding layers of beads until there's only one bead on the top layer.

    3. Christmas Tree Ornaments
    Spruce up your Christmas tree with a little luck of the Irish by using your old St. Patrick’s Day beads to make a Christmas tree ornament. Cut your beads from their strings, and pull out the red or green ones. Using a plain glass ornament, hot glue your beads to the glass ball. You can cover the entire ball in beads, or you can make patterns. Make a Christmas tree on your ornament by gluing five green beads to the glass ball. Glue a line of four beads above the row of five. Glue a line of three beads above the line of four. Keep going until there is one bead at the top. This bead could be a different color to represent the start at the top of a Christmas tree.

    4. Wall Art
    Make your walls look like they’ve been decorated by a kitschy artist with your old beads. Cut your beads from their strings and organize them by color. Decide what type of picture you’d like to make. Do you want one monochromatic picture or a more intricate one? Take an old picture frame, and using a hot glue gun, start gluing the beads right to the outside of the glass in the frame. You can make stripes, pinwheels, stars or other shapes using your beads. If you’re feeling creative, glue a print of an Impressionist painting to the outside of the glass before starting your project. Glue different colored beads over the colors on the print to replicate the print in 3-D.

    5. Chandelier
    Give an outdated light new life with your old St. Patrick’s Day beads. Take an old chandelier frame, and revamp it by stringing your old beads around the wire. Using a hot glue gun, string the beads from the top of the frame and wrap them around the bottom so they create a curtain over the bulb. Before you begin making your chandelier, make sure your beads are not made of highly flammable materials before affixing them to your frame.

    6. Flower Vase
    Make your own funky flower vase with your old beads. If you don’t have a flower vase, you can buy one at a second-hand store or a flea market. Or, you can use an old pint glass as a flower vase. Simply cut your old St. Patrick’s Day beads from their strings, and sort them by color. Using a hot glue gun, glue your beads to your pint glass or your vase. When choosing a glass or a vase, you don’t need to worry if the vessel is unattractive or dirty — your beads will cover any flaws. Affix your beads to your vase in a color-coded pattern, or if you only have green beads, start at the bottom of the vase and hot glue them to the surface, working your way up to the top.

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