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    Top Reasons to Own a Pickup!

    Summer is creepin' in and with that comes your chance to win a Chevrolet® Silverado during Miles of Smiles at Lady Luck® Casino Vicksburg.

    You don't have to be a cowboy to enjoy the toughness, power and utility of a Chevy® Silverado. There are a ton of reasons why you should drive a pickup:

    Trucks Can Be Anything for Anyone

    Trucks can be anything for anyone -- a desert-ready hot rod, a flashy low-rider, and the ultimate work machine. Every guy eventually breaks down and buys a sports car or motorcycle, but it's the pickup truck (unlike the bike or sports car, which signifies a pending midlife crisis), that bestows upon their driver an image of strength and quiet confidence. Men who drive trucks are men who people look to for help.

    Trucks are Generally Safer

    Yes, it’s big, and yes, it’s heavy, and a truck can typically survive a stronger hit than a smaller car. After all, trucks are designed to crash into mountains, so a scrape with something like a VW Bug is a minor inconvenience. There are a number of factors when it comes to automotive safety, including active and passive safety systems, driver skill and more. But if you had to be in a car crash, which vehicle would you rather be in? A compact or a full-size truck? You gotta go with the truck.

    A Truck Can Make You the Hero of the Neighborhood

    A truck makes you the go-to guy when it comes time to help a buddy move. Heavy lifting is never fun, but it almost always results in a six-pack, which is hard to complain about. Just save the suds for when the truck will be parked overnight. Safety first friends!

    You Can Tow Stuff

    Men may grow older, but they never outgrow their love of toys. It’s just that as we grow, so do our playthings. Just as it wasn’t exactly a good idea to ride a big wheel on the street, men’s toys -- like boats, dune buggies and race cars -- can’t be used on public roads either.

    The only way to use these things safely is to haul them to the playfield, and there is no better way to do so than with, you guessed it, a pickup. The “fifth-wheel” trailer hitch mounted right in the bed provides a much stronger connection and keeps the trailer more stable and the vehicle more maneuverable.

    Trucks Can Tackle Difficult Terrains

    Pickup trucks are designed to conquer difficult terrain. What this means to those of us who don’t haul cattle for a living is that a pickup truck is the perfect weekend-adventure vehicle. A modern pickup can push through and get you to your destination, no matter what the road conditions. Whether you need to journey on an off-road trail to get to your favorite remote campsite or pound through snow drifts to get to the ski resort, the durability of a pickup can get you there.

    It's the Ultimate Tool

    Guys have a thing for collecting tools. Doesn’t matter whether they have an immediate use for it, they just see something they can use to build or fix something and have to have it. And if there’s one tool that rules over all, it is the pickup. Think about how handy it is to have a pickup -- it can serve as a repository for the tools needed to build a home, clear land, and haul lumber. Trucks can act as both a tow and service vehicle, and have been a comforting sight for more than one stranded motorist since the dawn of the automobile. Trucks are now so common, it’s easy to overlook how important they are. But as they build and maintain the infrastructure that keeps society moving, their importance and usefulness as the ultimate tool just can’t be denied.

    You Know You Want One

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