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    Top 5 Pinball Machines of All Time

    If you’re like many adults, you can remember spending hours in the arcades playing your favorite pinball machines. The games were a mixture of luck and strategy and could keep any kid entertained all afternoon. Here is a look at the top five pinball machines of all time.

    1. Monster Bash

    This machine featured some of the most popular monsters of all time including Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster, The Wolfman, The Mummy and the Bride of Frankenstein. Popular back in 1998 and the early 2000s, the goal of the game was to collect musical instruments to build the Monsters of Rock band so they could put on one big Monster Bash.

    2. Star Trek: The Next Generation

    First seen back in 1993, this pinball machine did justice to the popular television show with numerous tie-elements. Three separate spacecraft’s in the playing area added to the fun. A long spiral ramp enhanced play, which makes for an entertaining challenge.

    3. Elvis

    Developed in 2004, this pinball machine is one of the newer versions. So many musicians have their own pinball machines, so it’s only fitting that the King of Rock ‘n Roll has one, too. Enjoy listening to classic songs from the 1950s as your ball bounces around. For those with a little more skill, they can work to get the ball to a secondary area, which is even smaller than the main pinball area. You’ll keep concentrating to make the lucky shot as The King serenades you!

    4. Fireball

    One of the early machines, Fireball was developed back in 1971. A classic for true pinball machine enthusiasts, this game was all mechanical and included all of the special sounds that you expected back in those days. The unique thing about Fireball was the spinning turntable right in the middle of the playing area. As you played, you never knew when the turntable would start up and send your ball off in some direction. Quick instincts and response time just might be enough to save the game.

    5. Challenger

    Pinball was a game designed for one player, which might explain the reason that Challenger is so unique. This version was a two-player game that pitted the skills of one person against another in a head-to-head challenge. Players attempted to shoot the pinball back and forth across the board just like a soccer ball as they scored against their competition. The premise of the game was simple, but actual play could be quite complex, depending on the skills of the opponents.

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