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    The Talent Behind the Great New Taste!

    June 28, 2017

    Here at Otis & Henry’s®, we take two things very seriously… flavor & service. That’s why our chef features this month personify both, as they both put their hearts into each and every dish they make. Meet Chef Allison Bell & Chef Berry James. We had the chance to ask them both some questions about Otis & Henry’s new menu, along with some other food-related topics. Check it out!

    Q: How long have you been at Lady Luck® Casino Vicksburg?

    Allison: I’ve been working for Lady Luck® casino for 3 years.

    Berry: I have been working here for 6 years.

    Q: What do you love about the new O&H Menu?

    A: I love the many varieties of the appetizers and steaks. Most of all, I love the southern feel to the menu.

    B: I love the timing of this menu. We released it just in time for summer. It’s the perfect summer time menu.

    Q: If you had to recommend up to 3 dishes, which would they be?

    A: I would first recommend the O&H Waffle Burger because you are getting the breakfast effect and dinner, all in one meal. #2 would be the Blackened Red Fish. I’m not a big fish eater, but this is an amazing dish. For #3, I would pick the Delta Combo Platter. I like this one because you get a taste of the best starters on the menu as one dish.

    B: I would first recommend the Blackened Red Fish. #2 would be the O&H Waffle Burger. For #3, I would pick the Ribeye Steak.

    Q: How are the new menu options different from the previous ones?

    A: I think the new menu is more up to date from appetizers to the desserts. The previous menu was pretty basic and not challenging at all.

    B: The new menu allows us to be more creative as cooks.

    Q: What is your personal favorite dish on the menu, and personal favorite dish off the menu?

    A: My favorite on the menu would have to be the Steak Quesadilla. We incorporate steak and have the option to add chicken, all into one dish. I can’t leave out my special seasoning which makes it to die for. My favorite off the menu was the Gravy & Veggie Smothered Pot Roast. The Pot Roast was very tender and mouthwatering. The dish was very tempting and the guests loved it.

    B: My favorite on the menu would have to be the Blackened Red Fish. My favorite off the menu was the Pasta Florentine.

    A huge thanks to our chefs for taking the time to provide a few answers to our best Otis & Henry’s questions. We hope you can come in and enjoy the new menu soon!

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