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    The Lone Wolf® is the Ultimate Destination for Watching the Big Game

    Game Day is quickly approaching, and Mississippi football fans know that the best spot for keeping up on all the action is The Lone Wolf®. When February 1st comes, sports lovers will be gathering at this legendary establishment. Here are all the reasons to watch The Big Game from the superb vantage point of this phenomenal restaurant and bar:

    The Venue

    Football watchers will enjoy direct access to the game and all its highlights. When possible, multiple angles of the reel will be provided. A spectacular view of the sport will be given from every angle.

    You don't have to travel to Phoenix to participate in the hype. All of the entertainment is delivered in crystalline quality to Mississippi residents. There are always backup feeds to make sure connection is not lost during a vital moment!

    Enhance the game by partaking in a wide selection of delicious beverages. A frosty mug of your favorite beer only costs $2.50. Those who want to enjoy their libations straight from the bottle can do so for $3.00. Premium selections are also provided for just $3.50.

    If beer is not your personal fancy, then pop open a bottle of decadent wine to mark the lively occasion. Bottles come as low as $15.00, and glasses start at $6.00.

    From 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., witness an incredible daily Happy Hour that delivers beer and cocktails for only $2.00. During this time, house wine costs only $3.00.

    A delectable plate of chicken wings will appetize a whole group for just $7.00. Choose between tantalizing honey barbecue and sizzling tequila lime sauce.

    Fans should check out pulled pork quesadillas, cheese fries, fried pickles, and the world renowned Howling Burger! This is only the beginning, especially since the menu is packed with righteous barbecue feasts.

    The Lone Wolf® is conveniently located in central Mississippi, which makes it easy to gather an entire crowd of onlookers to cheer for the two teams. The howling venue is hard to miss at 1380 Warrenton Road.

    The crowd has an option to stay late for the convenience of Industry Night for a half off burger when the game is done. These are much better perks than football fans can usually expect from home!

    Celebrate the league's 49th anniversary with golden company, and rock the house until closing time at 2AM. The Lone Wolf® is always a party!

    Indulge their trademark "comeback sauce" while praying for the underdog to make a comeback too!

    Join an upbeat gambling atmosphere with endless ways to experiment with betting. Casino rules extend to this fine eatery, and the games are endlessly entertaining.

    Gain new friends in a riveting atmosphere, and bring old friends along to relish the fun.

    With such an awesome venue, this is not an event that anyone should miss! Here’s what to expect from the game itself:

    The Game

    This might be the greatest event in football history.

    The two championship games will determine who enters the ring, and the conference winners will square off in full force on February 1st.

    Halftime performances featuring Katy Perry and Lenny Kravitz will be amplified with stellar surround sound.

    The feed to the game will be live and uninterrupted. This means all the glory can be witnessed firsthand in its purest state on high definition screens.

    Watchers can expect plenty of camaraderie. Support for teams may split the crowd, but the celebration is enthusiastic and friendly.

    Bartenders will keep track of the score in a playful manner that keeps everyone informed. If previous game nights are any indication, promotions may be applied to keep things interesting.

    Final Note

    The most important event in sports should be enjoyed in the right company. That is why true football fans must make The Lone Wolf® their prime destination on Game Day. For fans in Mississippi, there is no better venue than this one-of-a-kind hotspot. Everything is situated perfectly to maximize the exhilaration. The food is excellent, and this sports community simply can't be topped.
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