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    Tailgating 101

    Football season is in full swing, and you know what that means — tailgating is too! Tailgating is the perfect way to enjoy football with friends and family. Delicious food and drinks, combined with good company, it’s the ultimate way to watch your favorite football team battle it out! Tailgating, however, does take a good amount of planning. Whether a novice or a seasoned pro, here are our top tips for the best tailgating experience.

    Preparation is Key

    Make a checklist of all of the things you’ll need prior to your tailgating party. Pack things ahead of time, and go over the list multiple times. The last thing you want to experience is being stuck without essential items. We highly recommend bringing a toolbox packed with the following…

    Main Compartment:

    • Spatulas
    • Bottle openers
    • Tongs
    • Can opener
    • Toothpicks
    • Wooden skewers
    • Basting brush
    • Mini flashlight

    Middle Compartment:

    • Trash bags
    • Paper towels
    • Wet wipes
    • Hand sanitizer
    • Sunscreen
    • Poncho
    • Plastic zip bags
    • Sharpie
    • Masking tape

    Bottom Drawer:

    • Your favorite condiments, spices and seasonings.

    Show Up Early

    Showing up early serves multiple purposes. It allows you to find the best parking spot. It also gives you a chance to enjoy games, cook food and hang out with friends. You’ll also be able to avoid pre-game traffic. We recommend getting there about four hours early to set up and clean the area.

    Consider the Wind

    One thing that people don’t consider when grilling is the direction of the wind. Always bring extra charcoal because the wind can make it burn faster. Position the front legs of the grill towards the wind to minimize the wind coming from the lower vents. If you’ve got a gas grill, then you want to position the grill perpendicular to where the wind is coming from so your food isn’t affected.

    Keep It Clean

    Just because tailgating takes place in an outdoor area, doesn’t mean you don’t have to follow general etiquette. Familiarize yourself with the rules of the parking lot or facility that you’ll be in. Most of them will be about cleaning up the space and grill safety. Speaking of which, always be sure to clean up after yourselves, once the game is over. Treat the area as you would treat your home after a party.

    Watch the Game with Us

    Sometimes weather comes in and ruins all of our best intentions. If you happen to get rained on, feel free to come and enjoy the game with us. No matter which team you’re for, we’re always excited to host fans. We have two amazing restaurants for you to watch the game: The Lone Wolf® and Otis & Henry’s®. Both offer tasty fare and big screen televisions so you can enjoy the Big Game or root for your favorite college team.

    Tailgating is always a good time. Remember to keep it safe and clean, and you’ll be sure to have fun. Enjoy!





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