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    Still Awesome at Fifty

    The big 5-0 is a milestone for many people. Some see the age as too old to have any fun, but truthfully 50 is a great age with plenty of perks. This is the time when many people hit a comfortable stride in their lives. They have many experiences under their belts, yet still have so much left to enjoy. Here's to being 50 and still awesome!

    1. Being Proud of Your Style

    After decades of keeping up with trends, trying to squeeze into unflattering clothes, and spending hours getting ready, most 50 year olds have figured out a sense of personal style. They know exactly what clothes look good on them. Women know how to do their hair and makeup, and which jewelry finishes the look. It no longer takes hours to get ready, nor do they feel the slightest self-doubt when stepping out into the world.

    2. Children and Grandchildren

    Those with kids most likely have grown-up children. It's rewarding seeing the types of people they've become and recognizing you helped along the way. They no longer need your care, but will seek your company and advice, because, well, you're fun to be around and still a lot wiser than them. This is the time when your relationships can shift from parent-child to friend-friend.

    If your kids are having grandchildren, bask in your role as grandparent. For you, the cute, young additions are all the fun and none of the work! Play with your grandson until his diaper needs changing then hand him off to mom, or dress up your granddaughter in frivolous dresses to your heart's content.

    3. Discounts

    Many places respect the older and wiser crowd through discounts, especially for cups of coffee and admission fees. AARP is a big supporter of discounts. Check your local area to see who's offering which perks.

    Speaking of discounts, at Lady Luck® Vicksburg we're offering Senior Specials every Tuesday in July. Seniors who are part of our rewarding Fan Club® program that earn 100 tier points get $5 FanPlay® and $5 off lunch at Otis & Henry's®. Earn an additional 500 tier points to get $15 FanPlay and 1,000 tier points for $30 FanPlay.

    4. Financially Secure

    Making silly mistakes with finances is for kids in their 20s. Paying off debt is for the 30 year olds. Most 40 year olds save the bulk of their incomes for kids' college tuitions, retirement, and dream vacations. By the time you're 50 you've settled on a career, paid off or are close to paying off your mortgage and car, and have less financial responsibilities. This is why you can afford all those frivolous dresses for your granddaughter. It's nice feeling financially secure and not having to worry about paying bills. You may even be able to splurge on a new RV to travel the country, or on really fancy dinners every week. You have the time and money to enjoy life, so go ahead and live.

    5. Wise
    With over half a century of experiences, the 50-and-older crowd has plenty of sage advice to offer the younger generations. Be prepared, however; just as when you were younger, most of that advice goes in one ear and out the other.

    Getting older doesn't mean you should stop having fun. It's a new chapter for your incredible life. Come down to Lady Luck Vicksburg and enjoy being carefree, wise and awesome at 50!


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