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    Sammy Kershaw is in the House

    Everyone loves a great live performer. Sure recorded music is awesome too, but there’s nothing like the energy created by a phenomenal live musician. It’s what makes live music so entertaining. Well, it must be our lucky day because Lady Luck Casino® Vicksburg will be graced with a phenomenal live act very soon. Brace yourselves everyone, because Sammy Kershaw is in the house!

    A Country Classic
    Sammy Kershaw is an American country music artist. Many have described him as a classic throwback to the sound of traditional country. Sammy got his start in music very early on. At the tender age of 11, after his father died, Sammy began playing roadhouses at night to support his family. He found success right away, performing with Louisiana legend J.B. Pere. He opened for many acts, including Ray Price, Merle Haggard and George Jones. He released his first studio album in 1991, “Don’t Go Near The Water,” which was certified platinum. Since then, he’s enjoyed massive success, releasing nine other studio albums, with more than 25 singles entering the top 40 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs.

    Four years ago, Sammy took a break from music. With the ever-evolving sounds of the country music, he wondered if there was still a place for his Pure Country sound in the industry. One day, while listening to some music, he became entranced by the lyrics of an old Johnny Paycheck song. The last line states “we’ll give our all to music, and we’ll give our life.” He knew instantly that he had to make a comeback, and couldn’t let the music die inside of him.

    New Music
    Country fans will be happy to know that Sammy Kershaw has recently released some new music. His new album, entitled "I Won’t Back Down," has been a true labor of love. Longtime fans can expect this album to be his most varied album of material he’s released during his 25-year career. He’s singing about real life experiences. If he hasn’t personally experienced something, he won’t cut a song about it. This is what makes Sammy Kershaw so relatable and authentic to audiences nationwide. This album also stands because this is the first album that he has produced himself. But the real icing on the cake is Sammy Kershaw will be going on a world tour to help promote his album. One of his stops… Lady Luck Casino Vicksburg!

    Concert at Lady Luck
    If you’re a true country fan, or just a lover of music overall, then the Sammy Kershaw concert is one you don’t want to miss. He’ll be performing on September 12 at the Lady Luck Arena at 8 p.m. Tickets are $20 in advance and $30 at the door.

    Make It a Staycation
    As summer draws to a close, you still may be in a vacation mode. You might think the vacation mindset has to come to an end, but it doesn’t. You don’t have to stop at just the concert. At Lady Luck®, there’s nonstop gaming action and world-class restaurants. We’ve got plenty to keep you busy because we want to make sure your visit is full of excitement. So don’t just make the concert one night out, book a room and make it a staycation!

    We don’t want you to miss out on this exciting concert, so get your tickets soon before they sell out. To stay in the loop on other concerts, promotions and events, remember to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. See you soon!

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