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    Play More. Be Healthy.

    We’re just a little more than excited at Lady Luck Casino® Vicksburg. We just completed our first ever Play More. Be Healthy. weight loss challenge and it was a big success! Many people are motivated by how they’ll look when it comes to weight loss, but we were really inspired to make a difference in our employees’ lives. We wanted to create a lifestyle that would set them up with tools that would contribute to a lifetime of healthy habits. And we couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.

    The Details

    Because we understand the importance of health, we decided to implement a health and wellness program for our employees. However, we didn’t just want to give boring lectures and hand out pamphlets. It was important that we made incorporating health and wellness fun! So we partnered with Shape Up Sisters® to design a fitness challenge that would really engage our employees.

    Who Are Shape Up Sisters?

    Shape Up Sisters is a local women’s health club founded by Linda Fondren. Not only is Linda the owner, but she’s also a motivational speaker and community advocate. At their facility, members have access to unlimited classes, and the best in cardio and weight equipment. Shape Up Sisters is all about making health fun, which is why we were eager to partner with them.

    Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle

    Linda really knows her stuff. Here are 6 motivational tips that she graciously shared with us during the Play More. Be Healthy. finale:

    1. Park farther away from where you need to get to so you can walk longer
    2. Bring in your groceries by yourself instead of using others to help so you get a little more exercise
    3. When watching TV, jog in place during each commercial break
    4. Walk the trail around Lady Luck® Vicksburg to get that extra burn during the work day
    5. Pace back and forth while talking on the phone
    6. When you get home from work, take your children outside and be active so that you can be healthy and your children can be healthier to

    Competition Details

    Our competition started March 1 and ended June 24. Our employees had a lot of incentives, as cash prizes ranged from $250 to $1000. 90 out of 300 of our employees participated. Not bad! We really wanted to set our employees up for success, so we set them up with discounted Wyatt’s Gym Memberships and Linda conducted a really fun Zumba® class for the finale. We even decided to build a track around the facility for convenience. In total, we lost a whopping total of 225 pounds!

    The Results

    We’re really proud of all of our employees, but here is a list of the top winners. If you see someone you know on the list, feel free to give them a high five!

    First Place: Gary Cox. He lost a total of 16.8 percent body fat. He won $1,000 and one a year membership to the gym of his choice.

    Second Place: Shewanda Ash. She lost a total of 11.1 percent body fat. She won $500.

    Third Place: Tina Turner. (No not that one, but ours is just as special) She lost a total of 7.95 percent body fat and won $250.

    In addition to our top individual winners, we also allowed our employees to participate in groups. And the group winner is...

    Group Winner: Slim Pickens, a duo team of Lori Cameron and Greg Curro. They each received a brand new bike.

    Being healthy doesn’t have to be complicated. Start implementing small changes today in order to see big results. Maybe you even have some tips of your own. Feel free to share them on our Facebook or Twitter pages, we’d love to hear from you!

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