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    Meet Sous Chef Alisha!

    For everyone who has visited Lady Luck® Casino Vicksburg, you know that we hold food quality and service to a high standard. That’s why we thought it important for you to meet the talent behind our delightful dishes! This month, we sat down with our Sous Chef, Alisha, to ask about her personal drives & talents, and how she helps make Lady Luck® a delicious dining choice.

    Q: Tell us a little about yourself, Alisha.

    A: My name is Alisha Pempton and I have two sons, who are twenty and eleven. I love to read in my spare time, wherever I’m at. As you probably know, I also love to cook when I’m at home or my parent’s house. Also, helping others is very important to me, and I’m always trying to do that; if you need help with stuff, I do what I can to help out. I think of myself as a very down-to-earth woman.

    Q: Where did you get your passion for cooking?

    A: At first when I was in high school and some of college, I wanted to own a day care center. But, as I was working different jobs, I started to notice that I was only working restaurant jobs. I kept seeing the different ways you could cook food, and once I started working at Rainbow Casino, I got the opportunity to start cooking all kinds of different food that I never had tried before. I would go home and try new foods & recipes for my family. Once I saw how they were enjoying the food, I knew that was my calling.

    Q: What is your favorite dish to make at Lady Luck®?

    A: Well, I have two favorites! The Taco Pie and the Pork & Beef Lasagna. But, if I really had to choose, it would be my Pork & Beef Lasagna.

    Q: Other than those available at Lady Luck, what’s your favorite dish to make personally?

    A: Definitely my Chicken-n-Dumpling!

    Q: What is the most challenging dish you ever made?

    A: Honestly, I don’t have one at the moment!

    Q: You’ve been with Lady Luck for over 13 years now… How has F&B service changed over that time, from your perspective?

    A: It’s more of a family environment, meaning that even if you don’t work at the casino, we would try to get you involved with bringing fresh ideas to the buffet. We make sure that if a customer tells us they would like to see a certain item, we would do whatever we can to make it happen.

    A huge thanks to Chef Alisha for taking the time to answer a few questions for us. We hope you all enjoyed getting to know her a little more, and we look forward to hosting your next meal at Otis & Henry’s® or Farmer’s Pick Buffet®!
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