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    Meet Chef Tracy Ceaser

    Everyone knows that the heart and soul of any great restaurant are the chefs. The best chefs are adventurous, life-long learners. They are able to combine their life experiences with their passion for cooking to create unforgettable dining experiences for their guests. They use their talents to create amazing dishes that linger in their diner’s memory long after the last tasty morsel has been swallowed. Tracy Ceaser is exactly this type of chef. His talents are on display at the Lady Luck Casino® in Vicksburg, and his patrons can already tell you that his passion for cooking is evident after the first bite.

    Chef Tracy has established a reputation for creating delicious and inventive dishes, so we wanted to learn more about him and find out what makes him tick. We sat down with Chef Tracy to find out more about the man behind some of Lady Luck’s most popular dishes. We asked about his culinary background, his inspiration, and some of his accomplishments in the kitchen to date. We also asked about his personal favorite dishes, both to prepare and to eat, and what he is most proud of. What we found is that Chef Tracy is equally dedicated to his craft in the kitchen, his culinary team, and his family.

    Q: What made you enter the culinary world as a profession?
    A: The reason I entered the culinary world stemmed from my childhood and spending time with my grandmother who raised me. She was my inspiration.

    Q: Where were you trained?
    A: With the knowledge that I gained from my grandmother and from my culinary courses (LSUE & Sowela Culinary Program), most of my training came from seasoned Veterans in the culinary industry that I met while working at Coushatta Casino Resort.

    Q: What are some of your major culinary accomplishments?
    A: A few accomplishments I have had have been several first place awards for best BBQ at the annual Roastin’ with Rosie as well as first place awards at Southwest Louisiana Annual Gumbo Cook-off. I also participated in Rouge et Blanc in Lake Charles, which is an annual benefit for the Lake Charles Children’s Museum.

    Q: What is your signature dish?
    A: My smothered cabbage. There is nothing like it!

    Q: What is your favorite dish?
    A: BBQ Ribs

    Q: What are your inspirations?
    A: My family. I am a proud father to 4 boys

    Q: What are you most proud of in your kitchen?
    A: Although I have only been in Vicksburg a short time, I am proud of the team I get to work with. I have a great staff.

    Q: What can guests expect at your restaurant?
    A: Guests can expect to not only eat good but fresh food and have an overall great experience with a dash of southern hospitality that will have them wanting to come back for more.

    Southern hospitality is what we’re all about here at the Lady Luck Casino Vicksburg. It’s your homegrown destination for exciting gaming action, amazing amenities and, of course, delicious dining experiences. Come pay a visit to one of our four dining options to see what Chef Tracy and his team are dishing up.

    Meet up with friends at Otis and Henry’s® Bar and Grill, grab a quick bite at the O&H Express®, explore the season’s freshest produce at Farmer’s Pick Buffet® or kick back and enjoy some classic American favorites at The Lone Wolf®. Wherever you decide to dine, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be treated to a variety of options, an amazing meal, and good company to boot.

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