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    Labor Day at Lady Luck®!

    Labor Day is the last official holiday of summer and it should be celebrated in style. Because there are no fireworks to pull us all together, Labor Day is often celebrated as just a three-day weekend for cleaning out the garage or fixing up the garden, when it should be an excuse to do less labor, not more. That’s why I’ve put together some fantastic tips on how to create a successful, stress-free Labor Day party.

    If the last thing you want to do with your day off is plan and host a Labor Day party, no worries, we are always hosting a party at the Lady Luck® Casino. In fact, we’re having a drawing. Guests will pick up their entry at the kiosk at the Fan Club®, then add it to the drum at The Lone Wolf® by 11am. We’ll be doing drawings every hour for the chance to win some of the $7000 pot.

    1. Pre-Plan: Get a little head start and decide now who you want to invite and what you want to do. This party doesn’t have to be extravagant and you don’t have to host it in your home. You can host the party in your backyard or at a local park. If you want to have a cohesive theme for your get together, consider a whiteout party. You can have all the dishware be white and have all of your guests wear white. Labor Day’s the last day so best to celebrate your beautiful white, summer clothes while you can.

    2. Decorate: Your decorations don’t have to include party hats, streamers, or balloons! Think about going green with your decorations and buy a few bouquets of fresh flowers. Bonus if you can pick them from your garden or find some wildflowers. When the party’s over, send each guest with a small arrangement. It’s also easy to use lighting or candles to accent the party. Use citronella candles to look pretty and banish mosquitoes.

    3. Choose a menu: Whether you’re going to plan and cook the entire menu, assign ideas to your guests for a potluck or have the meal catered, it’s best to do some planning beforehand. Grilling is of course the standard option for Labor Day fare, but if you’re feeling something else, go for it. I even put together a list of my favorite recipes for Labor Day.

    4. Pick the right time: If you’re just not feeling up to preparing an entire meal or paying for catering, set your party for 2 pm. Your guests will know that a meal won’t be served and that just snack foods will be available. If everyone stays late, send out for pizza and everyone can pitch in.

    5. Have some fun: Games are a great way to entertain your guests at a Labor Day party. You can have croquet set up on the lawn, have a few balls or Frisbees to toss around, or set up an outdoor table with some silly card games to get everyone talking and laughing.

    We hope that you enjoyed these tips and feel inspired to send out an invitation to all of your friends for the relaxing party that you’re going to plan. If there’s nothing you’d like to do less than plan and host a Labor Day party and all you want is a day off to have some fun, play some games, drink some drinks, and eat some great food, stop by the Lady Luck Casino for our Labor Day Party. We’re even holding a drawing that you can enter to win part of a $7000 pot. Come on by and put your name in the drum starting at 11 am and drawings will run from noon to 8 pm.

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