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    How to Have Great Table Game Etiquette

    Didn’t your mother teach you table manners? If she taught you these casino table manners, then your mom is pretty cool!

    Everyone will benefit when people know the basics of gambling protocol, especially before they sit down to play. Whether you are new or old to the game, take a minute to read over this solid list of table manner rules!

    Always Show Respect
    Great table game etiquette starts when a person shows respect for their fellow players. Avoid being condescending or act in disbelief if you don’t win your hand. At most table games, arrogance does not win. Only skill does.

    Be timely

    To play in a timely fashion means that you are only taking the actual amount of time that you need to think through your play. Some players need more time than others, but you should never drag a play out for dramatic affect or any other reason.

    Always follow the Non-Smoking Rule
    Players should not smoke in non-smoking areas. Even though they have the right to smoke when allowed non-smoking players also have a basic right to expect the assigned playing areas for poker tournaments and other table games to be smoke free.

    Always Have a Basic Knowledge of the Game
    Aside from that, it is a big part of table game etiquette to play any game with enough knowledge of how it is played. Relying on other players and the dealer to give them instructions and advice is not fair especially when playing in a poker room. It also disrupts the game on a constant basis.

    Tipping Rules are Important
    Players whether old or new should also observe tipping etiquette. A good rule is to tip a dealer two-thirds according to the service and one-third according to how much a player is losing or winning. Although there is no prescribed norm, players can consider calculating their tip to about half of their average bet per hour. The smaller their average bet, the greater the ratio of tip to bet should be.

    There are two ways to properly tip a dealer. This includes either placing the tip in front of the bet or waiting until the hand is complete.

    Only Place Bets When the Dealer Lifts the Marker
    When playing roulette, people should wait until the marker is withdrawn from the previous winning number before beginning to make bets on the next spin. This is because the dealer wants no confusion over what is a fresh wager as they are paying off bets from the previous spins.

    Do Not Eat or Drink at a Gaming Table
    Individuals should refrain from drinking or eating at the table. Otherwise, they may spill drink or food on the layout or disturb other players. It also helps them to spoiling a beautiful gaming table.

    Do Not Touch the Chips When No Bets Are Announced
    When the bets have been placed and the croupier has announced that no bets can be made, people should not touch their chips anymore. While placing their bets, people should not throw them to the layout. This is because it may displace other players' chips. Instead, they should speak to the croupier if they are having a hard time reaching the place for the bet.

    Players should not forget to change their color chips before leaving the table. This is because all changes for cash or color chips should be made between the spins of the wheel. If they do not do this, they will see their chips lose value.

    Do Not Lean
    When playing craps, people can display great table game etiquette by avoiding leaning over or placing their hands on the table area when the shooter is rolling the dice. Aside from that, they should avoid blowing on the dice for good luck as it can seem pretty gross to other players who may have to handle them later.

    Do Not Disturb Others
    People should also not encourage other bettors to join in the revelry. It is likely that they are betting opposite of most of the players at the table. Additionally, some bettors have been known to take it personally when another person openly roots for them to lose.

    Always Make a Graceful Exit
    If a person needs to use the restroom but does not want to lose their spot at the craps table, they should ask one of the dealers to hold their spot and watch their chips. When a person leaves a table and does not want to come back, they should notify other players so that they can adjust their bets accordingly.

    Chap the Sticks Correctly
    When playing Lucky Lucky Black Jack, one of the best ways to show proper table game etiquette is to stack the chips correctly. People should make a wager that includes two or more various denomination chips.

    They should also not forget to place the lower denomination chip on the top of the stack and the higher ones on the bottom. Otherwise, it may force the dealer to stop and re-arrange them before they start dealing the cards.

    Do Not Hold the Cards with Two Hands
    In a Lucky Lucky Black Jack game, where the cards are pitched to a player and dealt face down, they should pick the cards with one hand and not both. This is done in order to prevent other players from getting suspicious that a person is switching or tampering with their cards.

    Now, there is definitely room for creativity in your table game presence, but abiding by these basic etiquette rules you can make sure you are never “that guy” in the casino. We can’t wait to see all your lovely table manners!

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