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    Five Reasons to Love Air Supply

    A chance meeting between two aspiring musicians at rehearsals for a Sydney, Australia production of "Jesus Christ Superstar" in 1975 was the catalyst for the formation of Air Supply, one of the most popular and successful soft-rock bands of the past quarter-plus century.

    Guitarist/songwriter Graham Russell and vocalist Russell Hitchcock became friends almost immediately, discovering their shared love of music, and specifically, the Beatles. The duo began performing at various coffeehouses, pizza parlors, bars and practically anyplace they could convince the owners to give them a stage, regardless of how small or out-of-the-way the establishment happened to be. Their matchless, heartfelt harmonies and ability to connect with audiences drew the attention of record labels, but only CBS Records took a chance on them, signing them to a recording contract in 1976. Their first single, "Love and Other Bruises" hit the airwaves in November of that year, reaching the #6 position on the Australian singles chart in early 1977. Their first full-length album ("Air Supply") was released in December of that year, peaking at #17 on the charts.

    A second album, "The Whole Thing's Started" was released in July of 1977 with only modest chart success, but a big break came their way when Rod Stewart asked them to open for his Australian tour. This opportunity gave them added exposure, even more when Stewart requested they travel with him to Canada and the U.S. Reaction was mixed on their first trip abroad, but a single from their second album, "Lost in Love," found its way to the desk of the legendary Arista Records executive Clive Davis, who signed them to a recording contract in 1980, after which "Lost in Love" became an international hit and was named Song of the Year.

    More than three decades later, Air Supply has sold over 100 million albums, as well as putting together a remarkable succession of chart-topping singles. Ironically, Air Supply even equaled a mark set by their musical idols The Beatles by placing seven consecutive singles in the top five of the charts. They continue to tour extensively (and internationally), drawing capacity audiences on every continent. One of the undeniable high-water marks of their career was their participation in Australia's bicentennial in 1988 during which they performed for an audience that included Great Britain's Prince Charles and his wife, Princess Diana.

    1. The music.
    From "Lost in Love," "Sweet Dreams," "Making Love Out Of Nothing At All," "All Out of Love," "The One That You Love," "Even the Nights Are Better," and countless more, Air Supply has solidified their legacy by creating timeless love songs that never grow out of style.

    2. The live concerts.
    Since their first hit singles in the early 1980s, Air Supply has proven to be a consistently reliable concert attraction, filling venues across every continent for over three decades, an accomplishment very few musical acts can claim. An Air Supply concert eschews the high-tech razzle dazzle of other traveling units, focusing instead on the unparalleled music they've become synonymous with.

    3. Universal appeal.
    Love songs hold a universal appeal that effortlessly cross all barriers, whether they are language, ethnicities, race, religion, political differences or borders. Air Supply's ability to reach audiences of widely differing backgrounds is nearly unmatched, especially during recent turbulent global times. In such disparate countries as China, Cuba, Israel, Brazil, Canada, India, Jamaica, Korea and of course Australia, Great Britain, Europe and the U.S., Air Supply fans have filled arenas to experience their timeless music that speaks without prejudice or labels.

    4. Simplicity.
    Almost from the moment that Russell Hitchcock and Graham Russell first met, what mattered the most to them was the music, and the combination of Hitchcock's clear tenor vocals with Russell's uncomplicated yet sincere compositions became the essence of musical simplicity at a time in musical history when most groups were cluttering up their sound with extraneous add-ons.

    5. Love.
    A quick scan of Air Supply's discography reveals one unmistakable common thread that is present in nearly all of their songs, and that's love. In a world sorely lacking in that essential emotion, Air Supply provides it in both quantity and quality.

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