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    Creative and Unusual Ways to Use Mason Jars

    The primary purpose of mason jars is to preserve food. But, with a little vision and creativity, there are hundreds of different ways to use mason jars. Here are just a few:

    Vase for Flowers
    A mason jar can be a quick alternative to a vase. All you have to do is arrange some fresh flowers in the jar. Spruce it up a little by wrapping the jar in lace or burlap.

    Planter or Terrarium
    Make a planter out of your mason jar by simply pouring soil into the jar and placing a small plant into the soil. Turn it up a notch by creating a terrarium in a jar. Fill the bottom of the jar with Spanish moss, add a few rocks, pour in some potting soil, and add a few little succulents. Home Depot provides an excellent terrarium tutorial on their blog.

    Since mason jars can withstand high heat, they make excellent candle holders. Fill the bottom of a jar with rocks or sand and place a candle in the center. Then, easily decorate your jar by tying string or twine around the top. To turn an entire jar into a candle, you'll need wax and wicks. Melt down the wax, apply some wax to the bottom of the wick, and secure the wick to the bottom of the jar. Let it dry a bit and then pour in the wax. For more detailed instructions, read this tutorial from CandyAndClothes.com.

    Soap Dispenser
    Cut off the top of an old soap dispenser, drill a hole in the middle of the mason jar lid, apply epoxy to the bottom of the bottle top, slide a soap dispenser through the bottle top and secure, wait for epoxy to dry, and then fill the jar with liquid soap. For detailed instructions and images, visit ApartmentTherapy.com.

    Kitchen, Bathroom, and Office Organization
    Rather than using canisters to store your sugar, flour, tea bags, and coffee, why not store these items in mason jars? You can also use these multipurpose jars to hold cookies or candy. To organize small items in the bathroom, store cotton balls, q-tips, toothbrushes and toothpaste in mason jars and hang the jars on the bathroom wall. You'll need a board to hang the mason jars on, large pipe clamps, and picture frame hangers. Once you have all the necessary items, simply secure the jars to the board and hang the board on your wall. For images to help you along, click here. Mason jars are also great for organizing office supplies such as pens, pencils, scissors, and paper clips.

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