• Come on down, you’re the next contestant!

    Game shows can be an excellent and fun way to escape into a land of trips, cash, cars and other awesome prizes. Lady Luck® Casino Vicksburg gets just as caught up in the excitement as you do, and we want to help you fulfill your dream of being a contestant rather than just watching them.

    1. Know the Show
    You have a reason for having a favorite game show: You’re likely pretty good at it. You know being under the bright lights and cameras will mean that there will be a lot of pressure, but at least the rules of the game will stay the same. Some shows you can study for, like memorizing tons of historical facts or the pricing of Turtle Wax down to the last cent. No matter what show you want to apply for, though, the showrunners won’t want to have to go over every nuance and rule of the game.

    2. Scoring the Audition
    Every program has its own process, and the best place to check for the specifics is typically on their respective websites. For example, you may have to take an online test as the first step. Game shows that are based more on luck may just have you register online and then randomly select their candidates from there. Whatever information you submit should show who you are as much as possible. There will typically be something on a registration form which you can personalize, so give it everything you've got. The more you stand out, the better chance you'll have of being selected.

    3. Practice Your Stage Manners
    We're not necessarily talking about your charming smile here, although that’s important too. Buzzers can be difficult to maneuver even when you know the answers right away, so you’ll need to strengthen your reaction time. Grab a practice game, turn on some bright lights and have a friend fire the questions until you can’t take it anymore.

    4. Applying
    The application form will have some fine print, so make sure that you’re in compliance with everything first. You may be able to lie on it now, but if you don’t meet all their requirements, then you could wind up having to give back the winnings. If you’re going on a show that requires a partner, then you’ll want to find someone who will not only do well on television, but who will also have the chemistry and wits to give a smooth performance. Find your best photo, send it in and hope for the best. You’ll have a better chance of being picked if you happen to be from out of town. Shows want to promote diversity and get different audiences tuned in from smaller towns.

    5. They Call You Mr. (or Ms.) Personality
    If you’re lucky enough to score a phone interview or to be chosen, you’ll need to shine as much as you can on camera. Don’t be afraid to laugh, make jokes and smile. Keep it light and stay relaxed. Your likability comes from having the best parts of your personality portrayed on national television. Mirror the contestants that you’ve seen in the past. If they tend to keep things short and to the point, then you’ll need to keep up the pace of the game. However, if they show the contestants thinking through each answer, then you’ll want to throw in your own color commentary along the way. Enthusiasm can count for a lot, so stay on your toes and in the game. Wear your favorite outfit so you’re both confident and comfortable.

    6. You Can’t Win All the Time
    It’s a sad fact of life, but also a difficult one to remember when it actually happens. Even after all the hard work, planning and anticipation, you could go home empty-handed. The perfect prize is dangled right in front of your face, and then it’s just gone. Prepare yourself for it, and make sure that you won’t find it a complete waste of time if you have to walk away with nothing but your memories.

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