• BBQ Around the World

    Barbeque is a unique style of cooking that has quickly become an American tradition. However, barbeque is not only a cooking tradition in the United States. There are many styles of BBQ around the world!

    When did it get here?

    BBQ made its way to America in the late 1600s and quickly took root in the southern states. Over time each state developed their own barbeque traditions.

    Mississippi BBQ history – you might not know about…

    In Mississippi, BBQ joints have frequently been passed down for generations. Traditionally this type of BBQ featured goat meat with a sweet, yet mild sauce. Today’s BBQ often uses pork as it’s substituted, but goat barbeques were the number one choice for community summer picnics, backyard cookouts, and family reunions. The goat barbeque is paired with beer and pickled eggs, and is characterized by blues music and dancing crowds. Today, Mississippi BBQ can also be found in restaurants and events across the state, like the brand new Big PigOut happening this October and November at Lady Luck Casino in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

    Other kinds of Southern BBQ – that are almost as good…

    In the American South, barbeque has evolved to vary from region to region. In the Carolinas, you’ll find various styles. Eastern North Carolina features use of the entire pig and a vinegar based sauce, while western North Carolina includes the pork shoulder only and a vinegar and tomato sauce. Western South Carolina barbeque is characterized by a tomato-based sauce, while in the Midlands they use a sauce of mustard, vinegar, brown sugar, and spices.

    Memphis BBQ features “wet” or “dry” ribs, as well as barbeque sandwiches while Kansas City, Missouri features a variety of barbeque styles which include a wide variety of meat that is dry rubbed and smoked. Alabama style barbeque uses a mayonnaise and vinegar-based white sauce, while Kentucky favors a barbeque heavily infused with Worcestershire sauce.

    BBQ around the world…

    Barbeque around the world can be as unique as the people who cook it. In Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, the favorite BBQ style is satay. Satay originated in Java, Indonesia and is now the country’s national dish. It features various types of meats skewered and cooked over a wood fire, and then seasoned with turmeric and peanut sauce. As a result of the ethnic diversity in Indonesia, many types of satay now exist. Satay may feature goat, beef, pork, mutton, fish, chicken, venison, shrimp, squid, rabbit, and tripe, while the more exotic varieties feature crocodile, horse, lizard, snake, and turtle meats! Onions, cucumbers, and rice cakes are traditionally served with satay, although this varies greatly as well.

    In Africa, the traditional barbeque style is braai. Braai originated in South Africa and has migrated to Namibia, Swaziland, Botswana, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, and Zambia. Casual, social events that feature this style of barbeque have become known as “braais.” Attendees bring side dishes, and the braai features meats like sosaties, kebabs, boerewors, steak, sausage, pork, lamb, and sometimes even fish and rock lobster. Traditionally, the men prepare the braai together while the women make the pap and other dishes. Braais are widely regarded as the premier way to celebrate any event, in contrast to other cultures that focus on barbeque as an event in itself.

    Latin America
    Lechon is a word of Spanish origin used to describe the roasting of a suckling pig, and is now known as the popular whole-pig roast style barbeque. It is the national dish of Puerto Rico and is popular in Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Spain, and most of Latin America. Lechon now typically features the seasoning of an adult pig, and then skewering it over a charcoal-fueled fire pit. The pig is rotated and cooked for several hours. This process results in crispy pork skin, which has become a defining feature of lechon. It is traditionally eaten at special occasions such as festivals and holidays.

    In Japan, yakitori is a barbeque that generally features skewered chicken, but may also include beef or vegetables. There are many varieties of yakitori, as all parts of the animal can be used. Options can include chicken skin, tail, wing, thigh, small intestines, cartilage, heart, liver, or gizzard. The meat is traditionally cooked with salt or a soy-based tare sauce, and then grilled over charcoal. Yakitori is usually sold at small restaurants or stands called yakitori-ya where people gather for informal dinners.

    Tandoori chicken, a popular BBQ meal, originiated in Delhi, India and quickly became a national favorite. It features chicken marinated in yogurt and honey, then seasoned with garlic, ginger, garam masala, onion, cayenne pepper, and turmeric. The dish is then cooked in a tandoor, a type of clay oven from which it derives its name. In contrast, the Australian version of BBQ is known as “sausage sizzle.” This iconic dish is usually featured at charity fundraisers and community events, as well as federal and state elections. The dish consists of barbequed sausage on bread, and can be paired with tomato sauce, barbequed onions, and mustard.

    All over the world, the barbeque-style of cooking varies greatly. However, it remains a favorite of many people. It is regarded as more than a simple dish; barbeque routinely is a source of family and regional pride. It is deeply rooted in community traditions, and often the subject of regional, national, and international competitions. Barbeque is special enough to bring people together, at picnic tables as well as across nations. Come together for some great BBQ at Lady Luck Vicksburg’s Big PigOut and stick around from some good old fashioned down time.