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    7 Haunted Places in Mississippi to Visit this October

    At Lady Luck® Casino Vicksburg, we know that October means autumn celebrations. Fall festivals, foliage and a host of outdoor activities define this gorgeous month. For those of us with a heightened sense of adventure, October also means paying homage to Halloween… and the haunted! Mississippi offers ample ways to get spooked. Check out some of the most infamous haunted places in Mississippi!

    1. Vicksburg National Military Park
    As one of the state's oldest cities, Vicksburg is steeped in southern tradition and a far-reaching history. One of its most historical sites is the Vicksburg National Military Park. A critical Civil War clash took place here, inciting one of the war's most gruesome battles. Today, visitors claim that they can still hear the battle cries and gunshots of the fallen.

    2. McRaven Tour Home
    As the city's oldest house, the McRaven Tour Home has earned a reputation as not only one of the most haunted places in Vicksburg, but also in the entire state of Mississippi. Many have died within the home’s aging walls…but according to legend, that doesn't mean that they have left. Witnesses have reported seeing a host of ghosts, including Civil War soldiers, a woman who died giving birth, and previous McRaven homeowners.

    3. King's Tavern
    This Natchez haunting is a ghastly combination of both spook and scandal. Hundreds of visitors have attested to seeing the ghost of a young woman named Madeline roaming throughout the home's halls. Folklore states that Madeline was the mistress of the (very) married original owner. Poor Madeline's remains were found bricked into the fireplace of King's Tavern, reportedly at the hands of the owner's spurned spouse. Yikes.

    4. Cedar Grove Inn
    Yet another famous Vicksburg haunt (pun intended) makes our list. Once used as a Union Hospital, this home has endured numerous casualties and tragedies. Countless claims of paranormal sights and sounds have been documented. Moreover, the home still showcases a Civil War cannonball lodged in its walls, a constant visual reminder of the death and destruction that has transpired here.

    5. Meridian's Grand Opera House
    Everyone knows that the only thing better than your garden-variety ghost is a ghost with tangible talents. If you're looking for other worldly activity that also entertains, Meridian's Grand Opera House is the place to be. Visitors here claim to hear a female spirit singing in the building's main house.

    6. Longfellow House
    This Pascagoula home has virtually endless reports of ghostly activities, usually attributed to a single spirit. Believers claim that the soul trapped here was a former slave. Many think that he came back to the house after death.

    7. Lyric Theater
    Back in the 1930s, Tupelo, Mississippi endured a catastrophic tornado. Miraculously, the Lyric Theater was one of only two large buildings left whole in the tornado's wake. Locals quickly transformed the building into a hospital, bringing in victims of the fatal natural disaster. Today, many believe that the ghosts of those lost at Lyric Theater still linger, evidenced by items randomly moving without explanation and inexplicable humming.

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