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    6 Grilling Hacks to Up Your Grill Game

    July 20, 2017

    Have you been looking into perfecting your grill game? Look no further! We found the top six grilling hacks that will leave your friends and family in awe of your skills.

    1. Spiral Cut Hot Dogs

    Spiral cut your hot dogs (and any other sausages) for more even cooking, convenient grooves for condiments, and because it looks cool! Skewer your hot dogs down the middle. Lay the hot dog flat, slice through at an angle about a quarter way through the dog, then hold the knife in position while you turn and pull the hog dog through.

    2. Turn Your Ordinary Grill Into a Smoker

    Smoking adds great flavor to BBQ foods, but not everyone owns a smoker. You can turn your ordinary grill into a smoker by putting soaked wood chips into an aluminum foil packet and punching holes through the top. Set the packet directly on the heat, under the grate.

    3. Clean the Grill Grates

    You've probably heard a ball of aluminum foil cleans grill grates easily, but what if you don't have aluminum foil on hand? Use a cut onion. The onion's moisture and acidity cleans the grates just as well as the foil.

    4. Check the Propane Level

    Guessing how much propane is left in your tank is for amateurs. Know the gas level for sure by tipping the propane tank slightly and pouring boiling water down the side (never directly on top). Then set the tank down and place your hand where you think the gas level is. If it is cool, that's the gas level.

    5. Play with Heat

    Make a high, direct heat area on your grill and a low, indirect heat area. For charcoal grills, pile all the coals to one side. For gas grills, turn off one of the burners. Sear your foods on the high heat, then move them to the indirect heat to finish cooking without burning.

    6. Step Up Your Kebab Game

    Use two skewers instead of one for kebabs. The extra skewer ensures all the ingredients flip when you want them to flip, allowing for even cooking. By the way, soak wooden skewers for at least thirty minutes before kebab assembly so they don't burn.

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