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    5 Unique Resolutions to Try in 2017

    Raise your hand if you’re sick and tired of the same old New Year resolution every single year. Lose weight. Travel. Eat healthier. Get organized. Boring! Think outside the box and make this year’s resolution more specific and fun. Here are a few great idea-starters, but feel free to add in your own!

    1. Learn some new moves
    There’s nothing wrong with loving to do the “Macarena” or the entire “Electric Slide,” but next year, vow to add a new pre-choreographed song to your list of songs for that next night out or wedding. Not sure where to start? Try the “Cupid Shuffle,” or learn to Whip and Nae Nae!

    2. Time for a new party trick
    If all your friends have seen your favorite party trick one too many times, resolve to learn a new one! Saber a bottle of champagne or learn some really slick sleight of hand. Can anyone ever have too many tricks up their sleeve? We don’t think so!

    3. Try a new food at least once a month
    Break out of your usual eating routine in 2017 and try some new foods! Maybe you’ll fall in love with a new food truck or an established hole in the wall… Either way, you’re sure to expand your palette!

    4. Pay it forward
    Make a resolution in 2017 to do random acts of kindness, at any time. Pay for the purchase of a person behind you in the drive-thru, or leave anonymous encouraging notes in places where people are sure to find them. Following through with this resolution will leave you feeling fulfilled, and bring joy to someone who may need a boost.

    5. Break a record
    You can search for a world record, something local, or even choose a personal record to break, but making a resolution to break a record is totally fun. How awesome would it be to bake and eat the world’s largest cookie or eat the most Jell-O with chopsticks? The possibilities are almost endless!

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