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    5 Thoughtful Gift Giving Ideas & Tips

    Stumped by what to give someone on your list? Maybe it seems like they already have everything, or maybe they’re picky to buy for. If you’re feeling the pressure to pick a perfect gift, take some of the following tips into consideration.

    1. Ask someone who knows them really well! Just because your brother-in-law likes to play guitar, doesn’t necessarily mean he wants a Guns-N-Roses sheet music book. If you aren’t sure what to give someone on your list, ask a spouse, parent, sibling, or close friend of whoever you’re shopping for.

    2. Think like a private eye. Social media enables you to learn a lot about the interests of others with just a few clicks and scrolls. Check out their recent interactions on Facebook® or Instagram. If they use Pinterest, scroll through their pin-boards to see what kinds of things they’re dreaming of. Do they like a lot of photos or posts from one brand? That’s a great place to start!

    3. Shopping for a minimalist? Give a gift that gets used up. If you know the person you’re shopping for doesn’t like to keep a lot of stuff in their house, give a gift that won’t sit on a shelf. Opt for a present that gets used up, like tickets to a concert. Food gifts, such as specialty treats from a bakery or a local restaurant gift certificate, are also likely to be well-received.

    4. Don’t underestimate DIY ideas. Are you on a tight budget, or just completely out of ideas? Sometimes the greatest gifts can be the simplest ones. Give the gift of time, a lunch date, or help around the house in the form of a coupon book. Consider baking their favorite cookies, or for a sentimental person, write them a poem and attach a photograph.

    5. Keep the recipient’s taste in mind before your own. Don’t shop for presents that you want! Focus on the recipient of your gift. If the person you’re shopping for loves black and white, but you’re more into colorful stuff, try not to let your taste overshadow theirs.

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    Happy holiday shopping, everyone!
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