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    5 Tasty Leftover Turkey Ideas

    Food is the superstar during Thanksgiving. Stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and cranberry sauce all make an appearance after 364 days of hibernation, but the real headliner is turkey! One of the best parts about Thanksgiving – besides celebrating all you are thankful for, of course – is the leftovers! We’ve got some creative turkey recipes that are so tasty you’ll be giving thanks that you didn’t eat it all. Enjoy your Thanksgiving eats all week long!

    Nothing makes a better lunch than a sandwich, and no sandwich will make your coworkers as jealous as one that features Thanksgiving flavors like turkey and cranberry sauce. Rosemary focaccia makes a perfect base for stacking layers of leftover turkey, Gouda cheese and bacon. Add lettuce and tomatoes for freshness. Then combine equal parts mayonnaise and cranberry sauce with a bit of Dijon mustard and chopped toasted pecans for a sauce so good that you’ll swear the day after Thanksgiving is better than the holiday itself!

    The most popular way to use up your Thanksgiving leftovers is to throw them all together and make a soup! Take your leftover turkey carcass and cover it with 2 quarts of water. Add flavor with chopped onion, bay leaves and salt, and bring it to a boil. After it has simmered for 2 hours, strain the broth. Add more chopped onions and carrots, celery and rice. When the vegetables are tender, add turkey meat and a can of cream of chicken soup and simmer a bit longer. Serve with some crusty bread for a complete meal!

    Liven up your leftovers with some spicy chorizo for a dish that’ll have you already dreaming about next Thanksgiving’s leftovers. To make this simple meal, combine cooked rice, browned chorizo, leftover turkey meat, frozen peas, scallions, plum tomatoes and a splash of dry white wine. Season with salt and pepper and enjoy this feisty take on your turkey leftovers!

    If you want a way to use your leftover turkey, but you’ve had enough Thanksgiving flavors for the season, try something a little different! Turkey goes well with pasta when you add some veggies and pair it with a creamy sauce. Cook pasta as directed, and at the same time sauté any vegetables you’d like – asparagus, zucchini, yellow squash, mushrooms and carrots work well in this dish. For the sauce, combine turkey, a chopped tomato, one packet of Italian salad dressing mix and a cup of heavy cream. Toss all components together and top with grated Parmesan cheese. You can’t go wrong with Italian!

    A great healthy, fresh option after all the heaviness of Thanksgiving dinner! Toss together mixed greens, a thinly sliced red onion, toasted almonds and bleu cheese. Don’t forget to add your leftover turkey meat – that’s the star of the salad, after all! Top with vinaigrette and enjoy this fresh take on turkey leftovers!

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