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    Warren County Enrichment and Intern Program

    High school or college students interested in a specific career can research it online. A better way they can learn about a prospective field, however, is by shadowing a current employee in that industry. This is what some young folks did this summer in the Warren County Enrichment Program.

    Learning About the Warren County Enrichment Program

    The county picks a few select applicants from a large group each year for the program. These applicants must show initiative and passion for their field of study. This enrichment program isn't just for one subject or niche industry. In fact, about 28 agencies from around the Warren County area participate in these internships. You can shadow many different professionals, such as:

    • Casino managers
    • County clerks
    • Government leaders

    Young adults learn so much more from an internship compared to a classroom or textbook. They follow these professionals and participate in as many tasks as possible. When you really see how one workday flows, a career can be set in a young adult's mind. For about six weeks, 32 interns spread out across the county in hopes of bettering themselves and the surrounding communities.

    Meet Two Special Interns

    Lady Luck® Vicksburg was proud to welcome two of these interns into our gaming facility. Michael and Treyvonne both hail from Hinds Community College, where they pursue graphic design and business administration, respectively. In fact, Treyvonne is hoping to become a successful entrepreneur. Both of them fit in perfectly with the business side of Lady Luck Vicksburg.

    When asked their favorite part of the internship, they said they enjoyed experiencing all the different departments at Lady Luck. They were lucky enough to shadow professionals in marketing, food and beverage, human resources, administration and purchasing.

    Although Treyvonne and Michael may not enter these exact professions, they now have a greater respect for these workers and possible job opportunities in the future. Shadowing means each college student remains with one person during an entire workday as they move between tasks. It's essentially like walking in someone's shoes for a day.

    Their Experience at Lady Luck Casino

    Aside from working in all of these different departments, the two interns were thrilled to learn about interdepartmental relationships. Although the type of job you have is an important aspect to consider, it's the people you work with who really make a career fun and engaging. Treyvonne and Michael got to know many of the administrators working behind the scenes at Lady Luck Casino. The employees treated each other with respect, and they extended the same compassion to the interns. They felt accepted during their shadowing days.

    The interns were able to bond with the casino employees so any training situation was easy to explain. If there were any questions about a task, the employees were ready to help the interns at any time. This camaraderie only boosted the students' resolve to continue with college and beyond.

    Into the Future

    The interns performed so well at the Lady Luck Casino that they were perfect for almost any of the permanent jobs. However, these two gentlemen have yet to turn 21 years of age. Our facility would be pleased to have them back when they're old enough to be a permanent part of the team. Any current employee would be honored to work with them again. We wish them the best in their future endeavors!

    If you're interested in this program for next year, keep an eye out for announcements in early 2017. Local county officials need to set aside funds for this program, but its popularity makes it almost guaranteed for another year. Apply for your internship as soon as it's announced. With only a few dozen openings available, you don't want to miss out on this opportunity.

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