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    Lucky Friday the 13th at Lady Luck® Casino Vicksburg

    For people around the world, Friday the 13th is a day of bad luck. Like breaking a mirror or walking under ladders, this superstition is so deeply ingrained in the public consciousness that everyone knows someone with a tale of Friday the 13th bad luck. What many don't know, though, is where the legend came from and how it became so prevalent in our culture.

    Thirteen has been considered an unlucky number for centuries. Historians believe this is because of the number 12, which was thought of as a "complete" number. Many important things, like the number of months in a year, came in sets of 12. Thirteen, being greater than a complete number, was bad and undesirable.

    In the late 1800s a man named Capt. William Fowler started the Thirteen Club, a society dedicated to the cursed number. Fowler felt the number 13 had followed him his entire life, from his days at Public School 13 in New York City to the thirteen battles he fought in the Civil War. At the first meeting of the Thirteen Club, guests entered by walking under ladders and dined at a salt-covered table with 13 chairs. The purpose of the club was to push the limits of luck as much as possible and prove the superstition false, but it had the opposite effect — it was widely written about and ended up popularizing the belief that 13 meant bad luck.

    Pop culture embraced the idea of this day being unlucky starting in 1907, when the author Thomas William Lawson published his novel "Friday the 13th." The book told the story of a stockbroker who, upon realizing how superstitious people were about the date, figured out a way to game the stock market by taking advantage of their paranoia. The film franchise of the same name is unrelated to the novel; the films center on a mass murderer at a summer camp.

    Despite all of the negative associations, there are ways to keep your good luck going even on this unluckiest of dates. Carrying a lucky charm can help ward off the bad luck, whether it's a traditional rabbit's foot or something more personal. Many superstitions also warn against cleaning on this date; holding a broom and doing the laundry are both considered bad ideas on Friday the 13th. And of course, avoid knocking over a saltshaker or stepping on a crack in the sidewalk at all costs!

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