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    5 Summer Activities to Do in Mississippi

    With the Internet and social media reigning supreme, most of us are guilty of being stuck to a computer, tablet or smartphone 24/7. Instead of wasting your summer with your eyes glued to a screen this year, make a pact to get outside and explore your state! Mississippi is home to a world of outdoor activities just waiting for you to try. Here's just a small selection of things to do to help you make the most of this great season.

    1. Chill out at a water park.
    Summer in Mississippi can be brutally hot, but there's an easy way you can keep cool at this time of year: visit one of the state’s water parks! Whether you’re into high-octane fast-paced water slides, laid-back sun-catching lazy rivers, or huge swimming pools with man-made waves you can bodysurf on, a day at a waterpark is a must this summer.

    2. Hike along the state’s most beautiful trails.
    Hiking might not be on the top of your list on a hot Mississippi day, but summer really is the best time to explore the state’s breathtaking trails. Many of the hiking routes are shaded by tall bushy trees and there are plenty of rivers, lakes, and even waterfalls which you can plan to trek to for a refreshing dip along the way.

    3. Discover Mississippi’s diverse landscapes while cycling.
    For something a bit less intense than hiking, try cycling instead. Mississippi boasts an equally large number of cycling trails which cover everything from short single-track routes in thick hardwood forests to lengthy tracks which wind their way through small scenic towns. There's a huge variety when it comes to levels of difficulty and duration, guaranteeing to suit all grades of cyclists.

    4. Get back in touch with nature and go camping.
    There’s nothing like sitting around a roaring fire with your friends and a few drinks, nothing but a black sky flecked with twinkling stars above your head and the rough ground of the wilderness below your feet. There are literally hundreds of campsites across Mississippi, ranging from primitive sites in remote locations to central grounds bursting with amenities and facilities.

    5. Explore the state’s captivating scenery from a kayak.
    Kayaking along Mississippi’s streams and rivers is not only one of the best ways to explore the state’s natural beauty, but it’s also one of the most fun ways, too. Whether you prefer swift rushing rivers that require your full attention or relaxed flat waters where you can simply float and appreciate your surroundings, kayaking in this state is suitable for everyone, from complete newbies to experienced pros.

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